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Some Class and Sass

Published September 18, 2013 by Jess Arwen

It is inevitable with any official group of people that eventually some drama will arise. Some people may seem to suddenly positively abhor each other due to some event in their recent past, and sometimes it’s you who gets the brunt of it.

Many times, especially at such an age that is higher than high school, and the hormonal drama presented there, one tries so very hard to maintain dignity, be professional, and confront the situation with maturity. Some times, however, the other party simply yearns to make more drama, so hard as you try, you cannot be responsible about it.

In these events, many friends have taught me to keep my cool, be classy, and thus be sassy. So I suppose for today and the future situations of this caliber, I choose to make sass, not war. Will you join me?