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Published February 27, 2013 by Jess Arwen

“I giorni,” by Ludovico Einaudi is one of my favourite songs to play on piano.  Actually, a friend of mine played it for his piano repertoire last semester, and I fell in love with the song.  It summoned tears to my eyes every time I heard it.  It is just one of those songs which is true and beautiful.

The Italian title literally translates into English as “The Days.”  It sounds like a soundtrack for life, in that it has high moments and lows, but it keeps going on and on, sometimes repeating parts in new perspectives, but always coming to a beautiful climactic cadence.  Analytically, it is nothing special, but pieces like that always hearten me, as they can be played with such earnestness and oftentimes are.  Also, they can be played by those who only just fell in love with music, before they get a big head from all the Bach they can play.

Hope you enjoy!