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Getting Back in the Groove

Published June 21, 2014 by Jess Arwen

It’s confession time.  I haven’t practiced nearly as much as I should have for the past year or so.  Unfortunately, my piano teacher just isn’t that hard on me.  She’s super-sweet, and I absolutely adore everything she has taught me, but I’ve gotten out of practice for, well, practice.  This is where performing comes in.

Thank the Lord that I perform a lot.  It makes me practice more since that last performance could have gone a lot better.  I mean, I guess it could’ve been worse, but I just need to practice.  Today, I brought out the Hanon and started from the beginning to see what the damage was.  Luckily, your hands remember things really well!  Determined to get back to where I was when I was auditioning to get into music programs, I plowed through Hanon, full of focus, and I found I actually enjoyed it!

After working through the first five or so, the concept of meditation came to mind.  I know there are a couple forms of disciplined meditation, and one of them involves thinking of just one idea and letting all other ideas just come and go without giving them a second thought.  You pretty much have to do that in practice and performance.  The music is the focus, so music is obviously great for your mind!

This is kind of a rambly post, but I’m just excited that I actually enjoyed practicing today, and I hope that doesn’t fade.  This is how I got into piano anyways: I enjoyed practicing, so I did so for hours a day from the very beginning and picked it up really fast!  May I continue a huge learning curve!  And, may all the other pianists out there continue to find joy from practice and performance!