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People to Listen, People to Learn

Published May 29, 2015 by Jess Arwen

One of the reasons that I started this blog, admittedly, was to find a community of people who would listen to my thoughts.  Apparently, when this all started, I wasn’t feeling as appreciated at home, but this wasn’t their fault.  In fact, much of this fault lies with me.  Yet, now that this community and other writing communities have adopted me, I feel doubly loved.  That must have to do a bit with growing up.

Over the past few years especially, I’ve watched my closest friends since kindergarten do a lot of growing up, so I must have done some growing as of late.  Teachers always told me that the growth from high school to college was the greatest of all growth in life, but I argue that more growth occurs while in college, mostly in the junior and senior years.  These are the years when you realize you can ride on your parents’ coat-tails no longer, and you must finally adopt yourself and take care of yourself.

To this end, you realize how much you appreciate others’ kindness, and you begin to push the nastiness of earlier years out the door.  This is not to say that all adults are the most mature and civil people, but perhaps more than their college selves.

When I was a wee freshman in college, my now boyfriend was a senior, and there was one time I left my favourite mug in a friend’s room before leaving.  Since my boyfriend lived next door, he was kind enough to rescue my mug, and when he returned it, it was all clean and wrapped in plastic bags for safety.  When I told my dad that, he exclaimed, “How domestic!” for a college student to be so thoughtful.  I replied that my boyfriend was a senior, and my dad said that explains it.

As a freshman, I thought that was hilarious, but as I’ve approached my senior year, I see more clearly how true it is.  Another friend of mine had a tough time just trying to keep up with her classes.  She was not motivated in any sense, so our little group had to push her.  Yet now, we no longer push her, and she’s the one cheering us all on.  It’s amazing how much happens in college.

For me, I think I have learned to let little things go a little more.  The world is not out to get me, and my friends really are there for me, if I let them.  There’s the stinger: you have to let people be there for you; else, of course you’ll feel pretty lonely.  Now, at least, since I’ve learned that, I feel so loved in real life and in these online communities.  I am so blessed to have friends who have stuck with me for so long, even when I pushed them away.

This is a long way of saying that we all grow up.  People listen, and people learn.

Anyone else have any similar experiences?