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It’s Just…Good.

Published September 30, 2013 by Jess Arwen

College is weird.

Well, it might be life in general, but from what I’ve seen of life, college is weird.

There exist periods of excessive stress, but then it simply evens out. It is a crazy roller-coaster (one I’d never actually ride, because I’m terrified of them) with drastic extremes, but these extremes somehow balance life out. In times of peace, I realize that those times when I would call my best friend at the wee hours of the morning for days in a row due to stress-induced crying fits were worth it, at least a little.

In music, it is the existence of tension and release that makes us keep listening. If you know any music theory, you know that the Dominant chord causes tension, and the Tonic chord (or the key center of the song) induces a feeling of rest or satisfaction. Those are really the only chords you need to write a song in a specific key.

It is beautiful how this reflects life.

Composers seek to avoid that Tonic chord for as long as possible, and that act causes the resolution to be so much more satisfying. That applies to stress-filled situations in that the harder you work through the situation and avoid feeling completely hopeless, the more satisfying is the result of your actions.

And that is why I love music.

At least, that’s part of why I love music: it reflects the essence of life as humans. And no matter how difficult living becomes, it’s just…good.