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Maybe, Just Maybe

Published February 23, 2013 by Jess Arwen

Life is active, endless, ever-flowing.

This blog was meant to be my big project, the thing that would thrust my name out there, add my voice to the chorus of men already singing, be something I would endure.  You see, I’ve had quite a few blogs to date, and they’ve all ended the same way: I forgot about them for so long that I eventually no longer wished to have anything to do with them.  Words of a younger self comprised these blogs.  They didn’t grow with me.  And so, I start anew.

However, this blog, Café Jess, was meant to change all that.  Again.  But goals are fickle, and time races onward with the force of a torrent.  All the same, I can write, and I can write right now, whether or not I keep up with this.  Let me share my few ideas for this blog which have not come to fruition.

First, this was to be a place where creativity abounds, and a community thrives, much like a coffee shop.  Of these, I will always remain a huge fan.  It is absolutely acceptable to talk to complete strangers about life, love, philosophy, yesterday’s news, tomorrow’s prospects, or the weather, so long as you’re sitting in a coffee shop.  The European tradition dictates that cafes are a place for thought, to muse on the meaning of life, to grow intoxicated with the bittersweet smell of the atmosphere.  It is human.  It is beautiful.

Second, this was to be a place where music is shared.  Being a musician, I do have my preferences on certain artists, and for some reason, people always want to know that, and why.  I’m a bit of an old soul, in that among my favourites march J.S.Bach, Debussy, and Chopin.  You may find me once in a while jamming out to one of these golden oldies, and no shame will ever befall me.  I also wish to share music of my own making.  Like I said, I am a musician, so I’ve got lots of stuff to share with the world.  That is my language, my heart, my joy, so let the world hear me sing.

Third, and finally, this was to be a place where I find myself.  Who is Jess, exactly?  I may have lived a few quiet, well not so quiet, years (and I’ll never tell how many), but I still wonder who I am.  To quote that brilliant Disney movie, Tangled, “When will my life begin?”  (That is one of my favourite songs, as well)

Well, perhaps this blog can be all of that, even if I don’t keep up with it religiously.  Something I’ve discovered as I’ve grown is that any little bit you do, even if it doesn’t seem like much at the time, makes a difference in the end.  Perhaps one day I shall look back upon the very few posts in each and every failed blog and count the blessings I recorded there.  And maybe, just maybe, this one, this coffee shop, this dream, will be a thriving community, a work of art, a café.