Published March 19, 2014 by Jess Arwen

The new wallpaper here is so groovy and out there.  It’s not simply because I love astronomy; though that is one reason.  Having a little bit of outer space in a coffee shop actually represents my life, for believe it or not, it’s all connected.

You know those conversations you have where you start off talking about one thing, and then you find yourself later on a totally different topic? Then, when you realize this, you of course have to trace the conversation back to its roots, only to find that two seemingly unrelated things are actually quite similar! It’s one of my favourite things to do.

Everyday I’m learning to be honest with myself about who I am, so sharing with all of you will help! Yes, you know I’m a music major, based upon all the music-related posts, but now you can find that I’m also an English major!

At the onset, I thought majoring in these two things was common, but it turns out that it’s rarer than it seems. That’s odd to me, for with all the tone poems we’ve studied in my music classes, I figured it was a common thing. The other facet, the one that I thought was most abstract, is that I am also a Physics minor! Understanding the physics of sound is crucial to tuning, and studying it in tandem with music is actually more common than I thought.

It’s still a rarity, however, but I would love to connect Physics to Literature as well. Perhaps all these connections are what makes humanity so beautiful. When I look at how much we each have in common with each other when the entire universe is connected into one idea, I find beauty and awe-struck wonder. These connections help me find meaning in my life, for when I do anything, it affects myriad other things in this universe.

In any case, this is me. My name’s Jess. Pleased to meet you. Now who are all of you? How do you find meaning in this sometimes seemingly irrelevant life?


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