Go Live Your Dream

Published March 16, 2014 by Jess Arwen

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but my favourite movie of all time is Disney’s Tangled. It’s not simply because it’s a cute movie and a happier way to end a beloved fairy tale. It’s mostly due to how much Rapunzel inspires me to live my dream.

The song “I’ve Got a Dream” is first and foremost meant to be comical, but behind that it is a beautiful reminder of how every person has a story that we may not see from merely meeting them. That’s something I’ve always loved about running into live musicians: they each have a story, and they share it in their songs, regardless of whether or not they are recognized by the world. One of the best parts of the movie occurs at the end, for each of the bar thugs fulfills his dream.

While it is a little kid movie, it also holds so many lessons for adults. Rapunzel’s character reminds me to remain positive in every situation, even if you are about to be brutally murdered by a group of very scary-looking men. And even when Mother Gothel chains her up, she fights for what she loves, for her dream. Rapunzel loves so fiercely that she would die to herself to save her beloved. That is beautiful.

Honestly, I’ve been feeling a bit down lately about how my life has been going and how little I feel I’ve accomplished, but when I see how much goodness Rapunzel brings about by her simple and passionate attitude, I am inspired to pull myself out of this pit of despair, climb out of my tower, and find beauty and awe in the world around me.

Flynn/Eugene’s part of the “I See the Light” duet begins, “All those days chasing down a daydream, all those years living in a blur, all that time never truly seeing things the way they were.” Perhaps my thoughts regarding this song are superficial. I had a friend who could not comprehend my love for Tangled, for he said that the movie has no dimension. It merely exists superficially. I beg to differ, for this song hearkens to everyone’s experience with life at some point. Sometimes we forget how amazing our lives are, and it takes a Disney movie to remind us.

Thank you, Disney, for your ever inspiring movies. They serve as beautiful reminders to the important things in life. Plus, they have the greatest music. But that is a rant for another time.


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